Mock me more!


I applied for a job at a nearby callcenter. One of my bestfriends work there as a team captain. She told me that they are looking for an operations analyst and a soft skills trainer. Since Math and Excel should be your forte for the operations analyst position, I chose the trainer position instead.

I had my first mock presentation to their training head and other trainers. It was a nerve-wracking experience. The topic I presented to them was English Proficiency (which I suddenly realized, was not my strongest subject but it was too late to change the topic). I didn’t expect almost everyone in the training team showed up for my mock presentation. I nearly died then. Seriously, it was hell. They were all experts on the subject. And I was not. Ugh. It was humiliating, to say the least.

Thus, imagine my surprise when the HRD called me up yesterday and asked me to prepare a new presentation material for tomorrow (which is today already) at 1pm. I will be doing a mock training with real live trainees.

I felt a myriad of emotions all at once. Surprise, elation, panic, nervous, panic, hopeful, panic and disbelief.

Anyhow, I finished my presmat and wrote down some notes to remember during the mock training. Wish me luck!


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