Pregnancy tips not from my doctor part 2

Here are additional tips and beliefs I encountered from my cousins:

  • Pregnant women are lucky in everything! They keep asking me to kiss them so that they will win at playing mahjong, they keep on rubbing my stomach, and they all keep asking me for numbers to bet on the lottery.
  • If you look pretty and love to make yourself pretty, the baby is a girl.
  • If you look fugly and you hate the smell of perfumes and cosmetics, the baby is a boy.
  • If conception took place at night, it’s a girl.
  • If conception took place at day, it’s a boy.

I went to the obgyne earlier after hearing mass. Sigh, it was unfortunate that she didn’t have her own ultrasound equipment in her office. My dad and I only heard my baby’s strong heartbeats but no ultrasound scanning.

So now, I still don’t know the gender of my baby. I’m totally sad because I was so excited to find out already but the obgyne didn’t want to make me get one. Huhuhuhu…Now I have to wait until next month again. Cwap.

One comment

  1. here’s one:
    if your armpits and nearby areas start getting darker or you seem to be growing hair too fast, it’s almost always a boy.


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