The Weekly Challenge

Butterfly Pea tea for me!

My bestfriend Jen and I started a weekly challenge. Since we are now in our forties, we have had a child, gained new men in our lives and gained more weight than we both wanted.

So last week, we both gave up rice.

It was not an easy task for either of us because we both love to eat but we did what we had to do.

A week has passed and yesterday, I gave up soda.

This week, no rice and no soda for me. Everything else is game, though. Now, I don’t know if this weekly challenge will even be that effective. So far, I feel the same and no major changes have occurred.

So when I do pass this challenge this week, then I shall continue doing without those two for the rest of the year!

You might wonder if I plan to give up something new next week and the answer is no. I do want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose my zest for food.

So, here’s to getting a slimmer me!

A Summer of Art, Family and Friends

Our summers in Manila has always been unforgettable. This summer, in particular, was one I have to write about. I thoroughly enjoyed it because we did a lot of things that I loved.

Like most summer days, the kids and I stayed at home. We watched movies, swam and simply spent time together. We also developed a love for going to the arcade.


Cayenne, Tajmahal and me. ๐Ÿ™‚

When my best friend Taj and her daughter Cayenne went to visit, we reenacted what they did the last time the three kids were together. They danced.

Later on, we went to Tom’s World and played one of their games which really placed a dent in my pocket. However, it was worth it. We all had fun and simply had a great time together.

The kids also went swimming and simply played together while Taj and I talked and talked.


It was a wonderful time spent with my beautiful single mom friend. Yes, she is still single. Just like me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t wonder why because we also don’t know why nobody is interested in us! We are awesome! Hahahaha!

As I mentioned before, we played some games and quizzes on the TV and here are some results of my answers. I was very satisfied with them because it described me perfectly!

On a special day, we also visited my sister Anna Carmela. I miss her very much. She really was the best among us. She was so strong, kind and generous. She was a beautiful person and how I wish she was still here with us. However, I know she lives in our hearts. Forever.


The siblings. Complete.

Now, painting is something I love doing. When I do have the time, I like getting lost in the world of colors and imagination. This time, my sister Monina showed us a cute way of painting over Pokemon cards. So here are some of our artwork.



Above: Painted by Heaven and Liam

Below: Painted by me

I really had fun doing these things with them. Family time is really something to treasure. Memories that we create remind us that our lives should be lived with love, laughter and joy.

Do you know what I did last summer?

Summer for me officially began after school ended last April 5, 2019. The next two weeks was grueling hard work of preparing evidences that I actually did do my job. Don’t ask me why the government doesn’t trust us because I have been doing this for 5 years already.

The 3rd week of April marked my intense visa application for the United States. After finally setting up an appointment for May, I packed my bags (as well as my daughter’s) and we flew to Manila.

As planned, we decided to stay there until 3rd week of May.

Our first outing as a family was watching Avengers: Endgame. I went in the movie house with extremely high expectations. You can’t really blame me because I thoroughly enjoyed the Infinity Wars. So you can just imagine my extreme disappointment over the movie.

It was horrible. In my humble opinion, they really botched up the movie. Seriously.

With so many awesome characters in the Avengers, they decided Iron Man should be the one to make it all right? Plus they killed Natasha. Then they made the Hulk a wimp. Don’t get me started on Thor. Come on, he’s a god. They really couldn’t make him look as hot as he should in a snap?

I actually don’t want to write about this but seeing the furor over how spectacular the movie has died down, I am now brave enough to admit that I didn’t like the movie all that much.

However, my time with my siblings and my daughter was simply great. We had Dairy Queen afterwards to soothe our feelings of sorrow.

The following days also saw me jump into the pool more than once. Since I was the only adult on vacation, I was tasked to entertain and watch over the kids. I had a grand time with them. I also tried to work on my tan but it was hopeless.

Another thing that made our vacation memorable was when I met up with my close friend Philip and his family. We reintroduced Heaven and Corvin to each other and of course, also my young brother Liam became friends with Corvin.

We ate at this place called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. The kids had a blast while Philip, his wife Jane and I also bonded. It was a fun-filled night and it was followed with a play date over the weekend. The kids reunited and once more had a superb time with each other.

I also got to visit my cousin Kats and her son Koen. We went to Nail Tropics for a foot spa and later on, to Starbucks for some coffee. It was a short visit but it was better than nothing. The kids could not stop talking about Roblux and Fortnite.

This is but the first leg of what I did last summer. Until my next post. Ciao!

Of Sun, Sand and Siargao

For the past 9 years, I have been celebrating my BFF Gracielle‘s birthday except I think for last year’s celebration (which I missed for some important reason that I now forgot). This year is worth blogging about because after 21 years of friendship, this was our first trip together. unlike with my BFF Jen, Gra and I kept on planning to take trips but it has never come to fruition until this year. To make it even more memorable, she brought me to Siargao.


Although I have heard how nice Siargao is, what made the trip fun and memorable were really the people I traveled with. Aside from Gra, I met her friends and co-workers who all turned out to be lovely human beings. To add in the mix was a surprise addition of a former student of mine and her beau.

The road trip was long but the atmosphere inside our van more than made it up. There were tons of laughter, jests and unending hugot lines thrown about in the mix. It didn’t stop there. Though there were less than favorable conditions to be had (it rained so forget about getting a tan and we got left behind by the barge we were supposed to be on), the happy glow of the group was enough for me to feel quite sunny about it.

The added sunshine were the numerous photo ops everyone took. OOTDs were the rage and it truly made me smile in appreciation with the numerous outfits my awesome companions paraded before me. Sadly, I don’t really have the gumption to change several outfits in a day (which could be the reason why I didn’t become a supermodel) but I was content to gawk and admire the ladies in their glam outfits and fab make-up.

However, this trip was really about celebrating Gra. I have been granted very few miracles in my life and I consider having her in my life as one good miracle. She is a great friend, loyal and brave, generous and loving. She is inspiring and fearless. I am truly blessed to have her as a bestfriend for life.

Gra, you deserve the best in everything! Happy birthday!

36 Questions

So I found out from AsapScience that there are 36 questions that you can ask a stranger that would make you fall in love with him/her. 

After watching a video on this, I tried it with my friends and since the said questions will also make you closer as friends. 

Today, we did the questions and it actually worked. There were some things that were quite vague between us friends and having the intimate exchange allowed us to become closer and clarified a lot of stuff.

Some were expected while others were quite surprising.

What I haven’t tried the questions on would be to answer it with a stranger. I will definitely try it in the future.

You may want to download an app of the 36 questions or you can copy the questions from the YouTube video link from AsapScience.

Let me know if this worked for you, too. Leave me a comment!

Coffee dates

I have always liked coffee so one of the must-do things for me would be to go on coffee dates.

Today, i got to spend time with my bff Gracielle over coffee. For abput 3 hours, we chatted happily. I had iced coffee while she had a brewed one.

It was a nice end to my day.

I like coffee dates but I also realized that who you’re having the coffee with is crucial.