Dream Dates

A sunset dinner on the beach…

It’s one of those nights when I can gather some of my thoughts. After watching a romantic flick on HBO, I mentally listed down what my dream dates would be. I have come up with this list:

  • Dinner by the sea. A clear night sky, the cool breeze, a table for two. It would be a great way to know someone better. Not much people to make talking easier and both me and my date can actually focus on each other. Later on, maybe a walk on the beach can be arranged.
  • A dinner and movie. Hopefully, it would be at a nice restaurant, known for its great cuisine. Then a romantic comedy flick that can put me at ease. Maybe some coffee afterwards.
  • A day at an outdoor bookstore. Since I love books, a quiet afternoon with my fave authors would be delightful. Hopefully, there’s a place wherein you can actually read a book while sipping iced coffee or tea. It would be nice to know what kind of books my date would choose to read with me.
  • A museum tour. It can be art, artifacts or plain history, I wouldn’t care. I love learning about the past and seeing them come alive before me. That would be a treat.
  • Nature-trippin’. A visit to the zoo, or a nature park will do. I love nature and if my date shares the same sentiment then that would be awesome.
  • Cycling. This would not do on a first date but maybe on the fourth or fifth one. It has been ages since I last rode a bicycle. I would be trusting my date not to let me fall flat on the pavement. However, the pleasures of cycling is not lost to me. Besides, this can also help us both be fit and healthy.

I guess, that’s it. These are all realistic enough that it can happen. There’s no harm in dreaming, anyway.

My Christmas Wishlist UPDATED

It’s truly awesome when you get to have the gifts you want for Christmas and birthday. Some of those I listed down was given to me already so here’s an updated list!

  1. underwear
  2. laptop
  3. platform shoes – size 6
  4. Dakki pillows
  5. dvds – please see my Xmas wish list post
  6. funky caps
  7. cologne/perfume – FLORAL scent ONLY

So, whoever will get my name for the kris kringle, narrow down your search to these 7 items.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!!!