I heart Webtoons!

For the past few weeks, I have been addicted to manhwa webtoons. These are much like manga however, you scroll them down as you read along. Plus, they are all in colored pages!

Here’s a list of my current reading list. I highly recommend them all!

  • Girls of the Wild’s – The story is about a young guy who got into an all-gilrs school. However, it was a school wherein you learn how to fight and fight well. It’s very much harem type but it has lots of action and comedy. I love how awkward Queen gets as she falls in love and the other characters are truly good. I was caught up in all the action and I love the fact that the girls are awesome fighters. It’s like Charlie’s Angels in high school.

    The Queen Bee!


  • Orange Marmalade – I got curious about this story because it involves a vampire no longer feeding on human blood but on pigs’ blood. An accidental meeting sparked between the lovers in the story. Yes, this could just be another vampire-human tandem but this is a drama that can make you rethink of why discrimination exists.

    Love vs Race


  • Dice– One of the most interesting reads I had so far. I have always liked rooting for the underdog and the hero of this story is really pitiful. However, it is a journey of dreams, desires and wishes we all harbor and if given the chance to make them come true, what will you be capable of doing? Read this if you want to know the answer.

    I want DICE!!!


  • Where Tangents Meet – A cute love story between an airhead and a cynic. I liked the simplicity of the story and even the side stories of minor characters. It would be nice if there’s a season 2 to find out how their love progressed as they mature in life.



  • Tower of God – This is an action filled journey that begins with a boy named 25th Bam. He is pure and innocent and he slowly changed as he goes up the Tower. The story is full of twists and subplots that can keep you glued on your device. There’s betrayal, comedy, tragedy, friendship and more! One of the best out there!

    He looks more handsome with his long hair!


  • unTOUCHable – Here’s another vampire but this time, instead of blood, they have evolved to live on human touch. The heroine began to get attracted to a guy who hates being touched and hates dirt. This is a fun-filled story that chronicles their love. Truly adorable!



  • Noblesse – This is basically the origin of all the vampires! Seriously, hot guys who fight and don’t actually drink blood (I still don’t know how they survive), mutants and typical high school students who get into trouble over and over again! I love this webtoon because the characters stay true to their natures and comedic lines make each chapter endearing. There’s also a spin-off on Rai with his adventure before waking up after 820 years. A must-read!

    I love Rai!!!


  • Cheese in the Trap – I’m still on the fence with this webtoon. Sometimes it’s interesting and other times, it drags on. Maybe it’s because it accurately draws much from life. The heroine is so-so and the hero may appear perfect but he’s not. It’s a twisted story that lets you try to psychoanalyze each person’s action. Yet, I keep on reading it because I want to find out how they would all end up in the end.

    I’m trapped in their weird world.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll soon write about other webtoons because there are a lot of interesting stories out there like Siren’s Lament, Heroine Chic and Aisopos. I subscribed for them but haven’t began reading them yet. I have my hands full with my current reading list.

    Reading is fun!!!