A blog post from Facebook


I’m not at home and due to my age, I can’t recall my password for my blog so here I am, writing on Facebook Notes (I will still upload this on my blog though). Anyway, the past few days has been awesome. My bff Gra celebrated her birthday and my bestfriend Jen arrived from Cebu. It was a wonderful reunion of sorts. Hanz was also there and we simply bonded over dinner and drinks at Lifestyle. 

So what’s new? Nothing much. Gra is still single and looking hot. Jen is newly separated but moving on. Hanz is busy with his business and taking care of us ladies. This week was a week of new discoveries and cautionary tales of woe.

Discovery no. 1 – I’m not dead.

I’m back to blogging and doing some of the things I usually do. Namely, watching romantic anime series, reading books, dancing (okay,still not as much and I have the bulge to prove it), meeting new people and just recently, went to the moviehouse to watch a movie!

Discovery no. 2 – Love is in the air!

For some odd reason, people around me can be found in various stages of love. There’s someone who’s on the verge of falling in love, there’s someone who have lost a love, someone in the throes of passionate love, someone in a bubble-like existence of love, someone who wants to get back an ex-love and there’s me, someone who wants to open the door of love once more.

Discovery no. 3 – Life is a stage…

And aren’t we all actors? Most of us who use different masks to show off a different persona thatn who we truly are. Yet, there are few people like my bffs Gra and Jen who do not use masks nor pretend to be whoever they are not. This is what I love about them. As for me, I’m guilty of putting up a wall instead of a mask. Much like my friends, I’m transparent too. Yet somehow, people see the wall not the person. Weird. 

Tale of Woe no. 1 – Beware of the Players

To start dating, you must know the players. Since I have not dated for more than five years, whatever it is I knew before is meaningless now. Nowadays, I can’t tell a serial dater from a true-blue gentleman. They say the nicest stuff and sound oh so sophisticated and simply attractive but then somehow they turn to sleazebags! What’s wrong with you, guys?

Tale of Woe no. 2 – Broken People

People who have had their hearts broken can sometimes simply stay that way, broken. Too broken up that they can’t see there’s someone better, someone good for them. Sometimes, they feel that they don’t deserve to be happy anymore. However, that’s totally wrong. We all deserve happiness and it may not be with the person who broke your heart but there’s someone out there for you and me. 

Tale of Woe no. 3 – Rejection

There’s this risk we need to take. To offer ourselves to life and to love. The downside of this plan is that you might get rejected. Whether it’s your dream job, your dreamlover, your family, etc. rejection can make the world fall down around you. It can bring you to your knees and bleed you to oblivion. But this should not stop us from trying again. To fail makes you humble. To try once more makes you wise.

Palm Sunday is a day to be thankful that Jesus came to be with us.

A day to celebrate because Manny Pacquiao won, too. 🙂

A day to remember that life is good, no matter what.

Wedding moments

Moments with Heaven at the wedding of Cha and Raj at Xavier Estates. And yes, she stole the show, once again. 🙂

*photos grabbed from Ms.Maila Rosal

A positive outlook

It’s a beautiful morning outside and I woke up with a smile. I realized that it has been ages since I took some time off to simply write. Life has been hectic with school and Heaven. We attended parties and socialized with family and relatives. I also took some time out to meet up with friends. That was refreshing.

It also made me realize that I do need to focus on me again. 

So here’s a new plan. Dancing every Saturday at my cousin’s house every 4pm-6pm. Yoga, K-pop and bellydance. Get myself a new bikini to be inspired to lose some weight and reconnect more with my friends.

Much to the chagrin of my family and friends, I still don’t date. Sigh. I find that part of my life hopeless for now. Each time that subject comes up, they all blame me. Err.

Still, I’m happy. Life is full of blessings everyday. 

The weather has been good and even with the recent floods in Manila, we are all coping. I’m at awe with the Filipino spirit. Yes, it’s truly waterproof.

I’m now getting ready for school and I pray that today, positivity will reign over people’s disposition towards life in general.

On new beginnings

Last week was one of the busiest week I ever had. I have dance practices, choreography, dance classes, errands to do and a new business venture (VMobile Technologies, Inc.) to take care of.

Yes, I’m planting seeds of wealth for my daughter’s future with all my activities. Although, it’s physically draining (allows me to sleep for 4 hours in a day only), I know that it’s all worth it.

I’m also looking forward to my next interview at the mall near my house. I applied for a position that I believe is a great fit for me and my skills on events and talents. To my followers, please pray I’ll get the job. I truly hope that getting this job can change my life around for the better.

Another blessing that I am truly grateful is that I have upcoming dance gigs for August. I’m now hoping more and more students enroll for my bellydancing classes, too.

Although, when I get that mall position, I have to give up my online work and dance classes. Sigh, you really can’t serve two masters.

So here’s to new beginnings on career, business and dance!

Way Behind on Blogging

So my last blog post here was a schedule I made that I planned to follow for blogging. 

Obviously, I failed to follow it. Sigh. I’m swamped with work and with dance and most of all, I have Heaven. Yes, she is now a handful. 

Heaven is now walking and running. It’s quite difficult to follow her. She keeps on touching everything and well, she also keeps losing her footing. She is now still trying to get the hang of balancing herself. I partly blame the disposable diaper she wears. 

Anyhow, here I am. Blogging for a bit, just before I start to write and hopefully, finish all the articles I need to do tonight so that I can actually just browse for me this weekend.

Wish me luck! 

Keep on blogging, peeps!