Be My Valentine

12715709_10206058414121814_4761969479007336347_nWell, I can’t think of a better title for this post. Since I don’t date, I’m not seeing anyone, I’m basically looking for someone to be my valentine!

Okay, not really that desperate. My Valentine is my daughter Heaven whom I adore!!!

I am feeling way better since my last blog post. However, my colds are still bothering me. I still can’t breathe properly.


How was our performance? Well, it was amazing!!! We won FIRST PLACE!!! I’m looking for a video that I can grab but haven’t found any yet. However, I do have a video of our intermission number.

Click this.


I don’t know why the embed feature here was removed. 😦

We also performed during a concert. We sang David Foster’s “Aren’t they All our Children After All”.

Click here to watch.

Happy Hearts Day to all!!!