He Who Hears…

As I walked through the empty halls of the school, I felt a cool breeze. I breathed a sigh of relief. The past few days, the temperature reached high enough to make me think that hell was on earth.

The wind picked up and I smiled happily, feeling slightly cold but calm. It’s now almost dark and very few people are in school.

With each step, I became quite concerned that the lights haven’t been switched on yet. I wonder where the night watch man is.

A few more steps led to a corridor where the stairs should be lighted but it was not. A cold breeze blew but instead of the welcoming feeling, I felt a shiver of fear.

Now was not the time to get scared. I continued my now unsteady walk, glancing around to check if there were other people besides me. I now noticed that it was pitch black and the corridor seemed too long. I took out my phone and activated the torch to illuminate my way, when suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around immediately but no one was there behind me. The darkness was suffocating. My meager light seemed like a dwarf in front of a giant.

I don’t know how long I stood there in shock. I wanted to flee but my feet felt as if balls of chain were around it. I suddenly felt this deep sadness overwhelming me. This despair was suffocating me.long_dark_hallway_v2_wip_by_spinagain

I heard a whisper.

“Stay with me.”

I can now feel the air getting colder and heavier. My phone flickered and then died. The only sounds were coming from my heavy breathing.

I simply closed my eyes and whispered back.

“I’ll stay.”

The following day, the school was abuzz with the latest news. A teacher was found lying on the corridor early in the morning. She was dead and found beside her was a diary. It was of a previous student who disappeared years ago. People claimed that she ran away but investigators found out from the diary that she was raped and left for dead. Her rotting body was found buried behind one of the school’s buildings.

In her diary, she wrote that she spent her dying moments asking for anyone to stay with her but no one could hear her pleas.

On a Street

She stooped down to pick up the clothes strewn across the floor. She placed them neatly in the hamper and made up the bed. She looked around and thought to herself, there’s much more to do.

She walked out of the room and left the house. She left the key with the neighbors, thinking, I would never see them again and yet here I am smiling and joking as if we will always stay friends.

She walked towards her house. I have to stop going to this place, she thought to herself. I have to unlearn those hellos and greetings with the people around here. I would rarely see the sweet couple that sells the most delicious siomai.

As she turned at the corner where she lived, lost in thought, she didn’t see the young man on his bike. He ran into her and they both stumbled onto the pavement.

“I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay…”

“Oh, it’s you.”

He smiled shyly and looked at her with such admiration and awe that she had to look away and gave him a shaky smile.

“Are you hurt?”

“No. I have to go.”


He grabbed hold of her hand. She looked at his bold gesture and was surprised to feel a bit better. She knew then what to do next.

“How about we get some sodas and hang out?”


She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes searched for any changes. Her feet were not swollen. Her ankles were as dainty as before. Her calves long and lean as a ballerina’s. Her thighs are shapely and without any cellulite. She turned sideways to see the profile of her abdomen. Flat as a board. She splayed her fingers on her stomach, caressing it like a lover. She slowly cupped her breasts and tenderly pressed them to see if they were fuller or any bigger. Nothing. Nothing has changed. Her hands traveled to her neck. It was her most hated feature. She has a short neck. She always dreamed of having one of those swan-like necks but it was not meant to be. This is the reason why she keeps her hair short, just below her ears, to give an illusion that she has a swan-like neck. That was all it was, an illusion. She gave them an illusion to be with, to live with, to laugh and cry with.

She went to the bathroom, barefoot, carefully avoiding the shattered pieces of the mirror she broke. Though her were bleeding, she doesn’t feel the pain nor the soreness. She picked up the small strip of plastic that indicated a line, then another and another. She threw them all in the pink wastebasket underneath the lavatory. She turned on the shower and stepped into it, hoping that the water will rinse away the truth.


So the story began like any other love story. Worlds apart, they somehow found a place to meet.
Right there in school, it was an ordinary day. She was crossing the hallway and he was simply walking by.
She slipped on something and he was right there beside her, breaking her fall.
She looked at him and he looked at her.
It was magic.

They were stuck on each other from that day on. Whenever he can, he would make up an excuse to see her. She does this as well.
It was a heavenly feeling. It was wonderful and thrilling. They could talk for hours and they could simply stare at each other and each one would totally get it. They hoped it would go on forever.

But nothing ever does last forever.

She soon found out that he has a girlfriend. It broke her heart.

Little by little, she started to create a wall in between them.
No more slow walks, witty chats, holding hands or staring at each other eyes. Soon, he began to think that she was mad at him.

He started to stay away from her as well.

It took every ounce of her willpower not to correct his doubts. However, reality bites and he still has a girlfriend.

One day, she was walking blindly around school and realized that she stopped where it all began. Slowly, tears began to fall from her eyes. She knew that a love like this could never come again.

She went to the rooftop of the school building. She could see herself falling from the building and feeling the pain slowly disappear as her blood seeps to the ground.

A hand jerked her from her reverie. She looked blankly at the boy she loves.
She could not believe her eyes. He was here. Always, he appears when she needed him the most.

He held out his hand and she happily held his.

So the story ended like any other love story. For a while, their love shone, blazing like a comet.
Its fiery brightness replaced by two broken bodies of the lovers.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

She was waiting outside her house. She was fidgeting and kept on looking at the corner of the street. He will be arriving soon, she said to herself. She allowed herself a nervous smile as she stared at her feet in black slippers. The crunch of gravel made her look up and she saw a cab approaching. She can make out a silhouette in the front seat and she knew that it was him.

He saw her at a distance and he noticed that his hands started to tremble slightly. He knew she could be pissed coz he told her that he would arrive around 4pm but it was already 4:30pm. He paid the cab driver and said a little prayer as he got out from the cab. He hoped she would like his gift.

She took one look at him and turned around so she would not be facing him. He looked so good in his light blue polo shirt, jeans and sneakers. She felt the urge to run away and it took all her willpower just to stay put.

“So now, you won’t look at me? Is this how it’s gonna be?” he said.

She smiled at his quip and turned to face him. He stood there with a smirk of glee and a bouquet of roses. He went towards her, gave her a peck on the cheek and embraced her.

“Wow.” She could not contain her happiness as she received the roses.

“I had to go down to the city to buy them, that’s why I took so long in coming here.” he explained. She was no longer listening coz when he held her hand, she was already floating.

The First Kiss

“Come here, Baby. I want to hug you.”

He opened his arms and she jumped into them. The sensation of being in each other’s arms for the first time was unforgettable. It was a smooth and silky feeling. It was warm and makes you want to snuggle some more, which she did. After a few hugs that made them laugh because she gives really strong hugs, she laid her head on his chest and heard his heart beat. He tenderly stroked her hair and gently allowed his fingers to trace her temple, then her cheekbone, her jaw and naturally, she tilted her face to face him and saw him looking at her with such naked desire.

She was drawn to his stare and as she inched nearer to him, his lips captured hers and then the world faded away.

It was a tender kiss, at first. Soft and shy. She felt her soul quiver. Never had such a kiss took her to another level of delight and passion. It was perfect. He kissed her with all his heart. The need to devour those lips that completes the smile in his days and his nights while they were apart was overwhelming. He tried to control himself, not wanting to scare her by making their kiss more intense.

It was inevitable. Her own passion was apparent in every stroke of her hand that kneaded his head, grazed his neck and caressed his chest. She broke the kiss and looked at him. He looked into her eyes and drew her closer to him, bringing his lips closer to hers again.

They were on their way to heaven and bliss.

Passing Through

The air was crisp and the sun was shining bright. Today is a good day for a drive. I hurriedly grabbed my bag and keys to my old red Honda car. It was one of those hatchback models they released in 2000 and it was perfect for my small stature.

I started driving on the main road with no particular destination in mind. I just wanted to get out of my apartment and savor the nice weather outside. James Morrison’s soothing voice crooned as I cruised…

“You give me something

That makes me scared alright

This could be nothing

But I’m willing to give it a try…”

I turned right to drive past my office. Even the building itself looked peaceful and serene, unlike most days where there hustle and bustle of the city seemed reflected on its walls.

I changed gears and started to drive a steep hill. It was a side street that would eventually lead to the highway. I slowed a bit as the leaves of the calachuchi waved at me. Right along the sidewalk, the branches stretch out to give shade for pedestrians.

“This one’s mine!” she gleefully shouted as she jumped on a dried leaf. The loud crunch of the leaf could be heard amidst the din of the nearby highway.

“This one is much better!” he jumped on another leaf a few steps away from where she landed. Another loud crunch.

They both laughed at their idiotic game of crunching dried leaves that fell from the calachuchi plant that hovered above them. This was their ritual every time they get to walk to and from the office.

They both saw a bunch gathered before them at the same time. They ran towards it and then stopped before the small pile. He looked at her and held out his hand. She smiled in understanding and placed her hand in his.

They jumped in unison and as they stayed that way for a while, she thought to herself, it was wonderful to be alive and in love.

A honk behind me made me realize that I stopped in the middle of the road. I came to myself and drove on towards the highway with James Morrison still singing…

“Well I can’t explain why it’s not enough,

Cause I gave it all to you.

And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now.

It’s the better thing to do.

It’s time to surrender,

It’s been to long pretending.

There’s no use in trying,

When the pieces don’t fit anymore,

Pieces don’t fit here anymore…”

Suicide Note

I walked to her grave and though it has been months since I last visited, it all looked like it was before. I placed the red roses she loved beside her tombstone. I looked around if there was anyone else near the vicinity. There was no one.

I knelt down and started removing the fallen leaves that fell on her final resting place. I sat down after a bit and decided to just tell her what happened.

“Hi. I just dropped by to visit you. I know it has been a while. I hope you’re not sad about that. For the last six months or so, many things have happened.”

I took a deep breath and readied my handkerchief. This was the hardest part. The crying part.

“I…miss you. I tried to call so many times but I was too scared of your anger. I know I disobeyed you and I shouldn’t have done that. Now, I see the error of my ways. But of course, it’s too late.”

My tears started to fall…on the grass, on my t-shirt. I knew my nose was red.

“When you told me that leaving home meant giving up on us, I didn’t believe you. I was too full of myself. I was arrogant, conceited and reckless. All that blinded me of the real treasure… of us being together.”

I took out the letter she wrote me three months ago. It was now tear-stained and nearly torn. I read it so many times.

“The best times of my life were with you. You nurtured me and saw me through all the rough times. You were always there for me but in the end, I wasn’t there for you. I knew you died of that fact and I am so sorry.”

I knelt down and wept. I wanted to crawl into her grave and just be beside her.

“Nothing I do can change the truth. I can only try to make it better. I hope, in time, you will forgive me…”

I took out the gun I bought earlier and shot myself.

Nothing was forgotten. Nothing was forgiven.

G for Guilty

He was lying in bed when he felt his cellphone vibrate with another call. The name “George” was flashing. He let his voicemail pick it up and closed his eyes once more. He didn’t want to think.

He felt his chest tighten as emotions of guilt wash over him.

A tear was trying to escape from his eye when he felt a sudden movement from his companion. Her silky black hair smelled of flowers in spring. She looked at him with a question.

“I have to leave.”

Every word was heavy to say. She cried and her tears drowned him in pain.

He sat up and called back his boyfriend.

A Slice of Happiness

The Wife rummages through her bag, looking for a cigarette. Her hands trembling as she lit one up and smoked.

She sat down on the bed, taking deep breaths as if the smoke can calm her nerves. “We all want a piece of harmony. We all want a slice of the happiness cake.” she repeated this to herself several times.

A muffled moan. She stood up, alert and frightened.

She walked towards the bathroom door. The tiles are red, now.

Her body which was once vibrant and youthful now looked like a shrunken heap of meat. The Lovers looked back at her in crazed fear.

She moved towards them, killing her cigarette on the nearest limb. The Wife picked up the butcher’s knife once more and hacked the dying Lovers.

“This is my cake. Mine, mine, mine!”