Looking back…

I used to dream of going to places I have read in books

I used to dream of performing on stage

I used to dream of happily ever after

I don’t anymore.

I live to work in an 8 to 5 shift

I live to provide for my family

I live to set aside my dreams

I live to exist for everybody but myself.

What happened to me?

Where is that girl who used to frolic freely along the beach?

Where is that girl who used to simply write for the sake of writing alone?

She’s in hibernation.

She’s in suspended animation.

She’s locked within me.

Wake me up!

Let me out!

Unlock this prison!

I want to be free.

A Crush On You

they say that when it hits you

it almost always takes your breath away

in your eyes i could see

one mess of gorgeous chaos

and i was lost in them

i can settle crushing on you

day by day

we can stay friends

i’ll keep this all in

but if there’s a chance

that you might like me

i would gladly risk my heart to feel again

you confuse me

you entice me

i can’t help getting mesmerized by you

could have been working

could have been sleeping

but all i can do is think of you

i can save you

and you can save me

we just might have forever after all.