Business As Usual

I currently have two businesses. One is for my dance classes and the other is a multi-level marketing venture on prepaid load. Both are not doing as well as I hoped. On my dance classes, I realized that I need to invest on Leaflet Delivery and distribution. I’m practically unknown here in my hometown when it comes to teaching dance. So now, I’m searching for the best place that can give me reasonable pricing for leaflets.

The other business requires me to give presentations to new prospects. Unfortunately, my time is all topsy-turvy. I have the graveyard shift and I need sleep to cope up with my daughter who’s awake during the day. Ah yah, good luck to me. So sacrifices have to be made.

Despite all of these, I am grateful that I still have my health, a new job I’m slowly getting the hang of and I have time for the best thing that ever happened to me, my daughter Heaven.

Thank you, Lord for everything!

Taking a break

The last two weeks, I took a break from everything and just decided to go bumming. I stocked up on NCIS and simply danced and played with my daughter.

It was nice.

My bestfriend arrived yesterday and that made it even better.

I’m feeling refreshed and lazy at the same time. And I’m looking forward to get back to work.

Need to earn a lot for my September trip.

The best present was to learn that my sister Anna is now in complete remission from her cancer. This is the bestest news ever! Thank you, Lord!

Comedic Relief

The past few days has been hectic for me. With online work, dance classes, dance lessons and a new business venture, I was stressed.

The only relief I got were to watch online videos of comedians. Their silly antics just made my day. Laughing at least once a day for the sake of laughing is one advice anyone should take.

Of course, live comedy shows are even better. has comedy tickets for all of your favorite shows like Anthony Cools, the legendary Bill Cosby and Bill Engval comedy seating. It is an online portal where you can get anthony cools tickets, bill engval tickets and bill cosby tickets.

To share, here’s a video of a local comedian who just made me realize that songs by Bruno Mars are not so different from songs by Filipino artists.

Time For Me


I don’t get to blog as often as I want already. Ultimately, I have only myself to blame. I get sidetracked when I have my TV series mode on.

I recently bought Fringe Season 3, Smallville Season 10, Supernatural Season 6, House Season 7, Leverage Season 2 and the Vampire Diaries Season 2. I just had to go on “marathon mode” on them.

On my off time, I have laundry, Heaven, dance and then work.

I also got recently interviewed for a job I want to have. I still have two more interviews to go. I pray that God will grant me this opportunity to get back into the corporate world and save up for Heaven’s future.

This is basically a short break on my working time. Just a short reprieve to refresh my zest to write.

Have a great day, world!


> Epcalm, Sure! Go ahead and post the article on my sister. The more people know about her, the better. Thank you!!!

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Finale

It has been ages since I wrote here. I’m up to my neck with work and frankly, lost the time to just blog. Anyhow, I already finished the season 6 of one of my fave tv series since Friends, How I Met Your Mother.

The final episode was a true cliffhanger. I always loved the Robin-Barney tandem. I find them amazing together. I didn’t like Nora so much. Maybe because she’s too perfect for Barney.

Anyhow, I wish that Barney ends up with Robin.

I’m also looking forward to Lily and Marshall’s baby. Plus Ted‘s finally introducing THE mother on Season 7. Well, I do hope so although I read somewhere that the final season will be Season 8.

Are you a fan of HIMYM, too?

Give Hope for ALL

 My sister Anna, finally succumbed to have chemotherapy as treatment for her ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). I prayed really hard that she will have a successful administration of meds and God answered my prayers. The one thing I fervently asked was for her not to experience any side effects of the chemotherapy.

God is truly great because my sister finished her therapy and with God’s grace, she didn’t throw up or got nauseated. She only got hungry. I’m so relieved.

For this month, her treatment will be weekly and then later on, it will become monthly. To help sustain the costs of her hospitalization and medicines, we are selling raffle tickets at 100 pesos only. The proceeds will be for my sister’s ongoing treatment.


I hope that you can share whatever amount for her. If you’re located in Manila, you can buy the tickets from my sister Anna. I will be updating this post on the exact contact details.

Thank you and may God return your generosity a hundred times over.