My Guy

I want to be vague. Cryptic even. Yet I can’t.

I met someone online. It’s totally clichรฉ coz it seemed something I would find endearing in a romance novel.

With the prevalent stories of online scams, you would think I would be scared to venture into the online dating world again.

Thankfully, I took the risk. Grabbed the chance to try one more time.

I can now declare that 2019 was a year full of blessings. Travel, dating and making new friends have made it extremely memorable.

I did encounter a slump from the dating and it was alright. I got to spend time with friends and family instead.

As I slowly made my way back into opening myself to new possibilities, I also found myself having fun and learning what it was I truly wanted when it comes to love.

I soon came to know a man who seeks a second chance at life and at love. What I knew on his dating profile were the basics. As we started conversing, I learned to know him.

They say that love comes at the right time with the right person. I believe this is true. Some people we have met and fallen in love with at certain point of our lives were exactly the people we needed at that time.

Yet we all change. Some for the better and some for worse. Thus some people becomes only a chapter in our own lives.

However, some people are meant to stay and become more than a chapter. They get to embed themselves into your life that they also help you write a whole new book.

My Guy, he’s had that. Something like that is rare and special. On the other hand, I have never had that.

I have been a chapter in some other person’s book and those were experiences that taught me a lot. As I continue to write my own story with God’s wisdom and guidance, I now face this new chapter.

I don’t want him to be a chapter though. There is that. I want it all. And I know I’ll have it all this year.

My Guy may not know it, but I have claimed him to be mine.

So, nothing official but I can clearly state that my heart is taken and clearly unavailable to anyone except for My Guy.