A Random Meeting

Today, I met someone. I arrived for an interview and he was there for the same reason as I was. He was already seated and he seemed nice and harmless with his eyeglasses resting on his thin nose. He had his hair somehow patted to one side and his lean frame suggested he was taller than me but not too tall that I had to look up far.

He greeted me and I sat down beside him with a smile.

We got to talking and he reminded me of this one guy who courted me back in college. He looked geeky and effeminate but he was not gay. This one gave off the same aura and we just totally hit it off. 

Surprisingly,I found myself talking to him easily and we practically exchanged life stories. It was all good though. No judgement, disgust or even doubts. We were just glad we met.

I do hope that I will see him again. He could possibly become a new good friend. And I do want one of those.

The Break-Up

This is it. This is just you and me and no one else.

I thought we had it right, you know. We have each other and it was enough for me. I was wrong. Reality crept in and suddenly, I look at you and all I see is my mistake. Why did I let you take my hand that night? Why did we even bother to flirt and dance? I should have just ignored you.

Now, three years later, we’re here. Nowhere, to be exact. You have your world and I have mine. That love we shared fervently is now as cold and lifeless as the floor I stand on. It’s a hard thing to realize that taking responsibility, becoming an adult and everything that goes with that territory is something you want to delay. 

I can’t wait for you. 

You should know that I mean this.