A Ghostly Ride

I was on my way home. I hailed a cab and sat at the back. The driver was silent as usual which was fine with me because I just wanted to be lost in my thoughts of seeing him again. As the drive on the way to my house began to begin along the winding road down to our valley, I noticed that the lights that were normally on at the lamp posts beside the roadside were not turned on, I sighed in frustration because this meant that there was a blackout in our subdivision.

As the driver turned on the fog lights, I looked out my window to muse on how everything was not going my way with my liking this guy and all that. Suddenly, a flash of white caught my attention and I realized that as we turned right on a blind corner, there was a woman all in white at the other side of the road.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion and I realized that as we passed by the woman, she was looking straight at me. I felt as if I was frozen in the spot. The expression on her face was one that of a creepy smile, as if to tell me that something worse was up ahead. 

I immediately turned my head to right to avoid the woman in white. The dark mountain on my right was a relief but only for a few seconds because I realized that coming out of the darkness, was another woman. This time, she was all in black and unlike the woman in white, her face was older and her scraggly hair revealed a toothless grin that gave me a fright.

I closed my eyes and felt the cab continue along the road way down. I suddenly felt a piece of cloth brush my cold and trembling left hand. I opened my eyes and saw another woman dressed in a white dress with a black cape. She slowly turned her head and looked at me. She started to come nearer and a silent scream escaped my mouth.

I shut my eyes tightly and blinked them open only to find her now leaning closer to me. I prayed in fear, with my eyes closed, as I felt her long hair brush my face.

After finishing the Lord’s Prayer, I opened my eyes to find myself all alone at the backseat and the bright lights of our subdivision’s gate, flashing.

“Which street is your house, miss?”, the driver asked. 

I looked at the driver with wild eyes of terror and took a nervous gulp of air before giving my home address. He found my street and dropped me off. I opened the gate in haste as if there was still someone following me.

Safe inside, I went online and discovered this:

The Vanishing Hitchhiker



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