Holding out an olive branch

St. Augustine is one of my favorite saints. His story is one that almost anyone I know can relate to. From being a bad boy to saint, his life was definitely not a bed of roses.

He struggled to become a better man and with his efforts and God’s grace, he achieved it. Maybe even more than he could have expected (I bet he didn’t really think he could become a saint).

Did you know that he had a son out of wedlock with his mistress of 13 years? He was also engaged but he broke it off later on. He pined for his lover but did not reunite with her after they ended their affair.

He was also a blogger. Confessions was written after his conversion and it was much like a blog wherein he records what happened in the past, in the present and his thoughts on everything else around him.

I write about him because I feel like I’m on the same journey as he had been now. Not that I wish to become a saint but I made a lot of mistakes in my life and I want to correct them if I can.

I realized that asking to be given another chance is difficult. Forgiveness is not easy to come by.

However, with hope in my heart and my faith in God, I continue to try and do as much as I can to fix broken relationships and build new ones.

But I’m also a realist. There are some things you can’t force to happen. Sometimes, to hold out an olive branch is all you can do and just wait and see if anything ever happens next.

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. – Lewis B. Smedes