Summer is officially over

Been a couch potato for the rest of the summer. Although we had our last hurrah this week, I didn’t lose any pounds gained at all! Still, it was an unforgettable time.

We went swimming over at Pryce Plaza Hotel and Heaven got a tan. Me, not so much.


Sorry no photos of us swimming…


So we swam and had an enormous breakfast. We got to burn some of it by swimming but it didn’t really help. After our time under the sun, we got hungry again and ate the leftovers. Sheesh.


Food was okay. It was either too sweet or just bland.

We later on went to my uncle’s house for choir practice. I mentioned this in my previous post. It was a wonderful time to have my family gathered around me and it was actually quality family bonding time because we were praising God as we practiced.


The Peralta Family Choir


The next day, we attended mass and offered our talents to God. Afterwards, we celebrated my cousin Jetjet’s birthday. Through God’s blessings, we had catered food, videoke time and lots of fun with friends and family. The coolest surprise was I got to chat with the Best Man. He brought along his sister (who is totally grown up, already!). It was a night of laughter and good memories. Thank you, Jet and Joserg for the fun time! Thank you, Lord, for my beautiful cousin Jessa.


The birthday girl with Heaven and adorable guest, Vienesse

My Christmas Wish List

I don’t normally make a wish list but somehow it’s one of those things long overdue for moi.

Anyhow, for those who plan to give me gifts on my birthday (that’s on the 18th) and on Christmas, here are some items I hope to see underneath my Christmas tree:

1. shoulder bag – one that can have room for a diaper, extra shirt, baby wipes, bib, water bottle, wallet and cellphone.

2. underwear – medium (you can’t have too much underwear)

3. organizer – I love to write and plan my days

4. plastic boxes – there are just too many stuff lying around here at home. I won’t mind getting ten of these at all!

5. laptop – a better laptop…for work and other endeavors.

6. platform shoes or boots – I just miss wearing them! I miss being tall!

7. wallet

8. Dakki pillows

9. plastic drawer for clothes

10. The Last Airbender (animation) Books 1 to 4 DVDs

11. Will & Grace Season 1 to 8 DVDs

12. BECK: Mongolia Chop Squad DVD

13. Paradise Kiss Season 1 and 2 DVDs

14. Elfen Leid DVD

15. perfume/cologne/body spray

16. vintage tees

17. funky caps

18. folding umbrella

IF what you intend to give is not listed here, that’s alright. Anyhow, thank you in advance! Merry Christmas to all!