Coffee dates

I have always liked coffee so one of the must-do things for me would be to go on coffee dates.

Today, i got to spend time with my bff Gracielle over coffee. For abput 3 hours, we chatted happily. I had iced coffee while she had a brewed one.

It was a nice end to my day.

I like coffee dates but I also realized that who you’re having the coffee with is crucial.

Who’s the Bisdak?

With Gra at Thai Me Up

With Gra at Thai Me Up

While chatting with Gracielle:

Gracielle: Musta na si Heaven?

Me: Okay na pero ang init kasi so medyo praning ako baka magka-fever ulit

Gra: kelangan naka buy aircon jing. para at least dili kaau cya mainitan

Me: haya na

Gra: unsay haya? hehehe

Me: saka na lang. bisdak na kaayo ko

Gra: ayha, dili haya. pataka lang. hehehe

Me: hahahahha!!! assuming kaayo ko na bisdak. bwahahahahaha, sayup man diay. naulaw ko. hahahahaha!!!

Gra: mulang…. bisdak baya jud ko mao natingala ko. hahaha!!!

Laughed my head off while flushing with embarrassment. This is what I get when I try too hard. Thank you, Gra, for putting me on my place. Sheesh. Hihihihi.

A blog post from Facebook


I’m not at home and due to my age, I can’t recall my password for my blog so here I am, writing on Facebook Notes (I will still upload this on my blog though). Anyway, the past few days has been awesome. My bff Gra celebrated her birthday and my bestfriend Jen arrived from Cebu. It was a wonderful reunion of sorts. Hanz was also there and we simply bonded over dinner and drinks at Lifestyle. 

So what’s new? Nothing much. Gra is still single and looking hot. Jen is newly separated but moving on. Hanz is busy with his business and taking care of us ladies. This week was a week of new discoveries and cautionary tales of woe.

Discovery no. 1 – I’m not dead.

I’m back to blogging and doing some of the things I usually do. Namely, watching romantic anime series, reading books, dancing (okay,still not as much and I have the bulge to prove it), meeting new people and just recently, went to the moviehouse to watch a movie!

Discovery no. 2 – Love is in the air!

For some odd reason, people around me can be found in various stages of love. There’s someone who’s on the verge of falling in love, there’s someone who have lost a love, someone in the throes of passionate love, someone in a bubble-like existence of love, someone who wants to get back an ex-love and there’s me, someone who wants to open the door of love once more.

Discovery no. 3 – Life is a stage…

And aren’t we all actors? Most of us who use different masks to show off a different persona thatn who we truly are. Yet, there are few people like my bffs Gra and Jen who do not use masks nor pretend to be whoever they are not. This is what I love about them. As for me, I’m guilty of putting up a wall instead of a mask. Much like my friends, I’m transparent too. Yet somehow, people see the wall not the person. Weird. 

Tale of Woe no. 1 – Beware of the Players

To start dating, you must know the players. Since I have not dated for more than five years, whatever it is I knew before is meaningless now. Nowadays, I can’t tell a serial dater from a true-blue gentleman. They say the nicest stuff and sound oh so sophisticated and simply attractive but then somehow they turn to sleazebags! What’s wrong with you, guys?

Tale of Woe no. 2 – Broken People

People who have had their hearts broken can sometimes simply stay that way, broken. Too broken up that they can’t see there’s someone better, someone good for them. Sometimes, they feel that they don’t deserve to be happy anymore. However, that’s totally wrong. We all deserve happiness and it may not be with the person who broke your heart but there’s someone out there for you and me. 

Tale of Woe no. 3 – Rejection

There’s this risk we need to take. To offer ourselves to life and to love. The downside of this plan is that you might get rejected. Whether it’s your dream job, your dreamlover, your family, etc. rejection can make the world fall down around you. It can bring you to your knees and bleed you to oblivion. But this should not stop us from trying again. To fail makes you humble. To try once more makes you wise.

Palm Sunday is a day to be thankful that Jesus came to be with us.

A day to celebrate because Manny Pacquiao won, too. 🙂

A day to remember that life is good, no matter what.