100-Word Story: On Her Deathbed

Lights off. The room begins to change into a cave that houses demons. The green-eyed demon unleashes its jealous rage and summons all the other demons that began to torment her.

She yearns for the morning to come but it doesn’t arrive. She huddles in the corner of her bed, kicking each claw that tries to take hold of her. She wades through a sea of insecurities and despair.

She looks for her lover, a pale ghost sleeping soundly beside her. She shouts his name but there is only silence.

She realizes that hell has come. She must be dead.

“I must be dead.”

It’s just an empty chair. One that used to be where you sat.

Once, there was a time when you would sit on it and tell me a joke or force me to laugh at one. It was where you would grab me and ask me to stand in front of the chair while you sat and braid my hair.

That was a time for smiles, giggles and other girly moments.

That was before we had a quarrel and stopped being friends.

Now all I have is just this empty chair.

I should call you and say ‘I’m sorry’. I should. I really should because this stupid chair just won’t stop looking lonely, like me.

100, 100, 100

So I’m pretty familiar with the 365 days of photos people take and either post or blog about. To give this phenomenon a new twist, I decided to challenge myself to take 100 photos in 100 days and write a story behind each photo in 100 words or more.

My challenge shall begin tomorrow.

Anyone is welcome to join in on 100, 100, 100.

I hope you’ll have fun and who knows, it might inspire you, too. I expect that I will.

*photo from http://www.chicoparty.com/number_100_confetti.aspx