Goal setting

During this quarantine time, it’s nice to do a little self-improvement. Or any improvement for that matter. This often translates to progress of some sort. So for the time being, I have decided to out up some goals. I need to get this out there so I am reminded where I am going and when I’ll get there.

Here are some goals for me:

1. Fix the leaky roof. Sigh, while the rainy season begins in a week, I took to this task of patching up our roof. Asked help from my brother (which he gave) and hopefully this goal will be ticked off soon from my list.

2. Have face masks and plastic gloves on hand. Given that we are still under a general community quarantine, both are required to keep us all safe (as we try to be). I ordered them online and they recently arrived.

Php 479 from Shopee
Php 35 from Shopee

3. Submit all docs in school. I will do this next week. Enrolment of classes will be June 1st.

4. Check travel advisories constantly. My Guy and I have been scouring for plane tickets and hotels recently. We hope to be together by December. God willing.

My Guy recently had his birthday. 💙

5. Get a new laptop. It would seem that online learning will be the new normal.

6. Cook more. Yeah, I have been braving the kitchen but have not gotten past the frying stage, so…

7. Get fit. Forget dieting or intermittent fasting. Does not work for me. I like eating. I love food. So it’s really back to sweating it out.

8. Do more of what I love. Dancing, singing, painting and reading books. Spending time with my daughter, my family and My Guy. I’m also super grateful that social media exists coz I get to see what my friends are up to and other relatives far from me.

8 goals for the rest of the year. Not bad. I know I’ll get there. What I truly love about this quarantine time is that I’m closer to God more than ever. My daughter even prays the rosary with me now. I like it. Very much. I hope that she will grow closer to God during this time at home.

Until here. Stay safe everyone. God bless you.