Rogue in the time of Covid-19

Day 30 of Quarantine…

This must seem weird since my last post was simply about My Guy and stuff of me singing with my daughter.

It is now April 13, 2020 and much like everyone else here, we are staying at home.

The covid-19 (novel coronavirus, NCoV, veeerus, China virus, etc.) was a new type of disease that started to spread in Asia around December 2019. It originated in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. They traced its source from bats and it mutated after passing the virus from one animal to another until it reached a wet market in Wuhan. This became the venue for animal to human transmission.

When we went to Malaysia last January 2020, my cousins already warned us about this virus. Although no one was calling it any name then, they basically said, wear a mask because there’s a terrible flu bug around and it would be best not to catch it while we were abroad. At that time, I totally agree with them and bought facemasks for myself and the rest of the family. I also brought along with me hand sanitizers and alcohol.

At the airport… This was my daughter’s first trip abroad.

Sadly, our vacation which was supposed to be a happy occasion, celebrating my aunt’s birthday did not turn out as planned. My aunt (my father’s baby sis) was in a coma. She had diabetes and they had to amputate her left foot after it caused her gangrene and some other complications. We all expected her to recover but as My Guy said and I quote, “when the good Lord calls you, it’s time for you to go”.

That’s exactly what happened and we were there to be with her and say our goodbyes properly. In a way, I was glad we got to see her before she went with Jesus.

Her sudden passing also allowed me to be reunited with the rest of the Bodycare performers. This was a definite boon. I didn’t expect to see any of them so to be with them again after a decade was simply wonderful.

By the time, we came back to the Philippines, the new flu bug acquired a name, NCoV. We were all quite alarmed about it although testing for the virus have not yet been done, our government have already sent out health warnings by then. Even in school, when I got back, my principal also asked me about the situation abroad about the virus and I told him that they are not being overly concerned about it yet, but the number of people wearing masks have increased. No border lockdown were issued and travel was still good, however, I thought that there was an air of certain doom at airports already by then. Travelers also had these anxious looks, which for me was not the norm. Still, it could not have prepared anyone of us for what happened by March.

Amidst all the pressure of the closing of the schoolyear, President Duterte declared a lockdown in Luzon. As NcoV cases begin to rise, he no longer allow anyone to leave or enter Luzon. Flights were canceled and people panicked. After a week or so of mitigation, the people eventually accepted it.

In Visayas and Mindanao, the President gave the governors and mayors to implement Enhanced Community Quarantine when they discover that there are 2 or more cases of Covid-19 in more than 2 barangays.

I’m such a scaredy cat each time I have to replenish stocks for the house.

So now, we are simply at home and I wake up praying and thanking God we are all safe and together with family. I am also praying the rosary every night with my daughter. I also try not to watch too much of the news because honestly, it is depressing.

So, I reinstalled my WordPress app on my phone and decided to simply update my blog with various things. So, let the blogging marathon begin!