The Weekly Challenge

Butterfly Pea tea for me!

My bestfriend Jen and I started a weekly challenge. Since we are now in our forties, we have had a child, gained new men in our lives and gained more weight than we both wanted.

So last week, we both gave up rice.

It was not an easy task for either of us because we both love to eat but we did what we had to do.

A week has passed and yesterday, I gave up soda.

This week, no rice and no soda for me. Everything else is game, though. Now, I don’t know if this weekly challenge will even be that effective. So far, I feel the same and no major changes have occurred.

So when I do pass this challenge this week, then I shall continue doing without those two for the rest of the year!

You might wonder if I plan to give up something new next week and the answer is no. I do want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose my zest for food.

So, here’s to getting a slimmer me!


Now that I’m in an online relationship with My Guy, it has been going quite well.

We have been communicating on a daily basis and I would like to think it brought us closer, meaning we are getting to know each other better. But I also realized that you can’t really know a person that well until you have met them in real life and spent time with them.

So, we made plans to meet and although it won’t be any time soon, it is something I am definitely looking forward to.

In the meantime, we do what we both can and spend time with one another.

Today, I also learned that daily communication is hard to maintain. My Guy has other things to do and me, being me, expected too much. Yes, I am guilty of waiting for him.

I did my best to keep myself busy but as hours passed, I got worried. Could something have gone wrong? Was he okay?

Throw in our time difference and my fear of him not feeling well (as he was not for the past two days), my brain has racked up terrible scenarios.

I try even more to think positive thoughts and pray about it and still I am worried.

Which is why I’m here, blogging how I’m feeling.

I also know this is a test. Relationships go through this. Testing the trust, testing the faith, testing the emotions and choices that actually fuel the connection.

I pray that we will survive this test.