MacLean on me

sarahSarah MacLean is one of those authors I like because she uses puns in her titles like a pro. There’s really nothing like a good book with a funny side which makes it altogether more interesting to read.

MacLean has several book series I read, followed and finished. The latest series is called Bareknuckle Bastards. I already devoured book one titled “Wicked and the Wallflower“. I liked the premise of three illegitimate sons and one true heiress, all fighting for what they desire. I’m already looking forward to book two.

Other notable series are:

  • Love by Numbers-This series hooked me right from the start. I do have a weakness to love stories which include a list, numbers and references to Shakespeare. My fave was Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing A Lord. I have a thing for the bookish sexy guy.
  • The Rules of Scoundrels-This series centered on a gaming hell called Fallen Angel. You should read Love by Numbers first before embarking on this series. My fave was A Rogue by Any Other Name (it’s a no-brainer).
  • Scandal & Scoundrel-I began this series because book one was titled “The Rogue Not Taken”. Once again, rogue and poetry. Best mix. I also read book two and I’m looking forward to book three.

Although MacLean hasn’t written a lot of books, she still stole my heart with her vibrant characters and interesting plot twists.

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