Too good to Kleypas up

34379276Admittedly, Lisa Kleypas is one of my new fave authors. My current top fave is Julia Quinn and Ms. Kleypas would be third on the list. Second place goes to Ms. Michaels, fourth place would be Ms. Hoyt and fifth place goes to Ms. Banks.

I have read a lot of Kleypas novels and novellas. Much like the other authors I favor, her book series are a must-read.

The Wallflowers-There are six books in this series and  I have read four of them. I haven’t gotten to reading the Book 0.5 titled Again the Magic but have jumped right into Books 1 to 4. I really liked how Kleypas made each wallflower endearing and sweet in unique ways.

The Hathaways-This series involved five siblings who had to suffer a tragedy in their loving family. Each sibling is given a story that allows them to shine through as strong and wonderful human beings. I especially liked Seduce Me at Sunrise because the heroine here is so fragile yet so resilient.

The Ravenels-This series is one I am most looking forward to. I liked the mystery surrounding the Ravenel family and how they struggle to find their place in society. The emotional turmoil and profound romance in their stories keep me begging for more. Hello, Stranger will soon be a stranger no longer.

The Stokehursts-This has only two books and I have read only the first book which was Midnight Angel. It was alright. I’m curious to know how the second book will go but I’m not that hopeful as to whether I’ll like it or not. The reviews on this series were not kind.

Ms. Kleypas has other book series which I have yet to sample but for now, I am content with what I have read of her works, so far.

Until my next post!