Good Moning!

resizedbeyondThe title is not a misnomer. Karen Marie Moning is another author I liked reading because her historical series is about Highlanders. Yes, those Scottish men most historical romance authors liked to write about. Sometimes, I think that although the chances of me going to Scotland are nil, I feel as if I’ve been there from all those books that feature the wild beauty and grandeur of the Highlands (and Lowlands).

I have only read Moning’s Highlander series. There are eight books in all! After the first book (and I read them in order), I could not put it off. Although each story can be read on its own, it helps if you have a background of other characters that show up in other books. I had to know more and learn more about the Druids, warriors and the Fae.

I highly recommend this series because the blend of fantasy and reality was well put by Moning. There were just enough magic, mystery and romance that can easily transport you into their realm.

Also, it’s really a boon to be able to forget where the mundane realities of life resides.

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