Banks at First Sight

highland_reissue-253x400I’m not much for contemporary romance because the setting is almost as unrealistic as they come (for me, that is). However, Maya Banks captured my attention with her book series called Breathless Trilogy. Thus, I’m hooked on Banks and could not wait to read her other novels.

Here are my current top picks:

  • Breathless Trilogy – Among the three books in this series, I loved the story between Jace and Bethany. I think how Banks made an awkward scenario became acceptable was quite brilliant. There were also a lot of surprise scenes in Rush (book 1) that totally caught me off guard.
  • Colters’ Legacy– Another eye-opener for me was the menage stories in this series. I actually liked how each love story unfolded. There was drama, intrigue and high passion that can only be generated from having not one or two men in your life but three. My fave is still the first book in this series.
  • Montgomerys & Armstrongs – Finally, historical romances from Banks. I read the first two books in this series and the third one will be out in December 2018. I liked the complex relationships built within the clans. I liked the first book the most because the heroine was deaf. It was quite interesting.
  • McCabe Trilogy – Another series on historical romance which I finished in less than three days. Each story intertwines with the others and also intertwined with my heart. I think I should give online dating another chance and start looking up Scottish lairds.
  • KGI Series– This series is based on a private company that specializes on rescue missions and the like. I only read one book in this series but I know that I will continue to read more. Action and romance is definitely a good combination.

Banks has definitely more to offer but for now, I think I’m still not yet over my historical romance phase. For sure, I’ll write more about contemporary romances and will have Banks on my top authors’ list.

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