There’s a Sylvia Day to every cloud


The next book I’ll be devouring from Ms. Day.

Here’s one author whom I haven’t read that much however, it’s not because her stories aren’t great, it’s actually quite riveting. My first Sylvia Day novel was Bared to You under her Crossfire Series. I liked the characters and the storyline however, I found it quite dark and deep as it progresses. Although I didn’t continue to read the rest of the novels in the series, I know I’ll be reading them in the future. Just not right now.

Still, due to her exquisite writing, I looked up other novels under this author, specifically in the historical romance genre.

  • The Georgian Series-As noted in Day’s website, the books can be stand alone or you can read it in order. After finishing the series, I found myself enamored with Christopher St. John and Lady Winter’s story since I liked how Lady Winter (or Maria) was not your simpering wallflower or innocent debutante. She’s very modern and she knows what she wants. Other characters in the series were also featured and my fave was Simon Quinn.
  • Bad Boys, Ahoy! or Scandalous Liaisons-There are three stories in this anthology. Stolen Pleasures which is about a stowaway bride, Lucien’s Gamble which has a masquerading heroine and Her Mad Grace which is about secret identities. My fave in this series would be Lucien and his crossdressing lover, Julienne.

Day has a lot of contemporary romances (and even fantasy and futuristic ones) yet I continue to veer towards her historical titles. Here are the ones I have read and loved:

So what am I looking forward to reading next? It’s definitely the rest of the Crossfire Series. I’m intrigued to find out how Gideon and Eva will end up together. The entire series is a bit reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey however, the writing is definitely way better. The plot is more defined and the twists in the story makes you eager for more.

Adios, for now!

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