It’s getting Hoyt and hotter!


I’m excited to read this because, well, the title has the word “Rogue” in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the authors I love to troll would be Elizabeth Hoyt. I scour bookshelves for her books even if I already read them. Hoyt has a lot to offer and I personally liked her series because she includes snippets of fairy tales in her chapters.

Maiden Lane Series-I think this is one of the longest running series I have read so far. There are currently 12 books and 3 novellas in it. I have read all the novellas but only 7 out of the 12 novels. The stories are set in Maiden Lane, St. Giles. It is reputed to be a seedy and dangerous place to be however, the heroes and heroines more or less, hails from the place of have met there. Their stories are tangled in a web excruciatingly well made by Hoyt. My current pick for this series would be the Thief of Shadows. I liked the name of the hero (Winter) and I also liked how he was a virgin (I’m a sucker for stories where the man remained chaste until he fell in love).

Legend of the Four Soldiers-Another set of stories with a dash of fairy tale, the 4 books in this series tells of soldiers who went to war and how they picked up their lives after the war has ended. I liked how each story was interconnected with each other and it’s always nice to encounter previous characters in the other books. My fave was To Beguile A Beast because I was always partial to the theme wherein the Beauty tames the Beast (or the other way around).

The Princes Trilogy-This series also had fairy tales in the novels. I was hooked with each book and even the novella included in the series. I especially liked the story of The Leopard Prince although the fairy tale in The Serpent Prince was more to my liking.

Summer will soon be over and this means that work is right around the corner. Oh dear. I do hope that I can still read and blog. Until my next post!

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