Simply Jess Michaels


Next on my reading list.

I don’t remember which of her books I started reading first but I was definitely hooked not soon after. Jess Michaels writes beautifully and her characters are quite endearing. I am a book addict when it comes to her, especially on her book series (and she has a lot!).

The 1797 Club– I read 6 of the 10 books in this series. As with any series (tv or otherwise), you should start with book 1. This club of ten dukes became friends when they were in school. It gets a bit confusing on who’s who but Michaels finds a way to reintroduce the characters to refresh your memory as the series progresses. I’m currently on the look out for The Duke of Hearts so I can pick up where I left off.

The Pleasure Wars-This series is about a family feud that spanned several generations, much like Romeo and Juliet. Themes like revenge, betrayal and of course, passion, is present. I finished this series and thoroughly liked how the family war was resolved.

Mistress Matchmaker-The three books in this series features Vivien Manning as the Mistress Matchmaker. She matches the heroines to the heroes in the first two books. Her story is the final book in this series. I liked the second book the most in this series after reading all of them.

The Notorious Flynns-I only read 3 out of the 5 books in this series and I didn’t get to read them in order. Still, the story was easy to follow. So far, The Scoundrel’s Lover is still my fave in the Flynn family series.

The Wicked Woodleys-I read the last 2 installments of the Woodley family and it only made me excited to read the first 4 books. Michaels also included MM Romance in this series (which I really liked!).

Seasons-I finished reading this series which highlights the four seasons and how each romance began in them. My fave story is about Lucien and his ex, Elise.

The Ladies Book of Pleasures-I haven’t began reading this series but I am looking forward to it. There are 3 books in this series and the series title (also a book) seems to be the catalyst for each romance.

Michaels also writes as Jenna Petersen but I haven’t read any of her stories under this pen name.

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