Of Sun, Sand and Siargao

For the past 9 years, I have been celebrating my BFF Gracielle‘s birthday except I think for last year’s celebration (which I missed for some important reason that I now forgot). This year is worth blogging about because after 21 years of friendship, this was our first trip together. unlike with my BFF Jen, Gra and I kept on planning to take trips but it has never come to fruition until this year. To make it even more memorable, she brought me to Siargao.


Although I have heard how nice Siargao is, what made the trip fun and memorable were really the people I traveled with. Aside from Gra, I met her friends and co-workers who all turned out to be lovely human beings. To add in the mix was a surprise addition of a former student of mine and her beau.

The road trip was long but the atmosphere inside our van more than made it up. There were tons of laughter, jests and unending hugot lines thrown about in the mix. It didn’t stop there. Though there were less than favorable conditions to be had (it rained so forget about getting a tan and we got left behind by the barge we were supposed to be on), the happy glow of the group was enough for me to feel quite sunny about it.

The added sunshine were the numerous photo ops everyone took. OOTDs were the rage and it truly made me smile in appreciation with the numerous outfits my awesome companions paraded before me. Sadly, I don’t really have the gumption to change several outfits in a day (which could be the reason why I didn’t become a supermodel) but I was content to gawk and admire the ladies in their glam outfits and fab make-up.

However, this trip was really about celebrating Gra. I have been granted very few miracles in my life and I consider having her in my life as one good miracle. She is a great friend, loyal and brave, generous and loving. She is inspiring and fearless. I am truly blessed to have her as a bestfriend for life.

Gra, you deserve the best in everything! Happy birthday!

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