Black 39

I recently caught the k-drama bug and was able to watch a few new tv series. The first one was Goblin. This was a romance drama based on a superstitious belief of the existence of a Goblin Bride. It was good. I liked how they used past lives as a springboard for the plot. The Goblin fell in love with his bride and they lived happily ever after.


The second one was My Secret Romance. Another romance drama that uses the typical rich guy with issues meets poor girl who also have issues. They had a one night stand and after 3 years, they met again. I wished they had a child during their tryst but it was not so. They fell in love despite their different worlds and it was a happy ending.


Finally, another drama that centered on my love Song Seung Heon. The tv series Black. Here, he’s a grim reaper and for a while, people thought that it had a similar plot with Goblin. However, they were so wrong. Black had way more plot twists and action. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some unanswered questions at the end of the series but it was okay. Maybe the producers decided that it’s up to the audience to draw their own conclusions for most of the background story in the finale. Not exactly a happy ending but they still got together in the end.


While watching the Black tv series and was caught up in all the death and grim reapers who would be guiding souls to their next journey, a sudden jolt of reality came a-calling. A phone call revealed that one of my cousins-in-law passed away unexpectedly. This was something our family did not expect at all and for a while, everything was black.

Today, Ate Chelo will be buried. I learned that instead of black or white, mourners are requested to wear pastel colors. Instead of a tearful farewell, her family would like her departure to be a joyful and happy one as she will soon meet our Creator. I also think that this would be a nice way to remember who she was in our lives. She looked really pretty and peaceful in her coffin. Her smile was beautiful. More than anything else, she will continue to live in all of us in our hearts.

Not long after, I turned 39. I celebrated this with my family and co-workers. The students prepared gifts, letters and chocolates for me. I felt really blessed. Even more so, my friends and family online also didn’t forget to greet me. Even my crushes! God is awesome!

So, on that note, I end this post with a few more words. Life is short. Let’s love and live as much as we can.