Unravelling the Mystery of the Drunk Message

deathparade-ep3-7-1024x576Am I a terrible person? Sigh. Do i deserve this? Maybe. Am I trying to redeem myself in your eyes? Yes.

The entirety of it all, makes it all confusing. Now, the final stage is set. I have to decide.  To make a big deal out of this or not? Since I have decided that friendship is better for now, I have to stop. Stop being available. Stop getting all excited for nothing. Stop expecting more.

A sadness came over me but I know that this too shall pass. I know that I have to value myself more. I can be a friend but unless by some miracle that you begin to actually care and make an effort, I have to be firm in my decision.

My heart is not yet that settled but I’m partly glad you have gone back to the norm. I will do the same.

The most that I can do is no longer worry. I just pray you’ll be okay and be happy. That’s it.

3 thoughts on “Unravelling the Mystery of the Drunk Message

      • Shucks. I it’s hard but I also know you’ll get past this Mer. And once you let go, new opportunities for love will arise. Di mo pa lang makita now coz whether consciously or not, you’re still attached. Practice meditation and pray for enlightenment and signs. Ganun ginawa ko before… I remember kneeling on my bed pa and crying (as in hagulgol) out loud to God saying “God, I want to be happy again. Please help me.” Then I started my #100HappyDays journey on FB until unti-unti things fell into place. It will happen for you too, Mer. Believe it and it will. ❤

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