different-kinds-of-lily-flowers-aliexpress-buy-free-shipping-cheap-perfume-lily-seeds-mixingI changed the name of my section from Everlasting to Lily. I actually wanted Bougainvillea but then I though of how long I need to write the section name on forms and stuff so I decided on Lily.

I actually wanted Iris however we already have a section named Aries and I wanted to avoid any confusion on the two similar sounding words. I settled on Lily because I liked the idea of having the word stand for “Like I Love You”.

I don’t know why but this phrase got stuck in my head. Maybe because of a song I heard before.

Anyhow, here’s a song with the same title with lyrics that echoed what I felt, sometimes.


Trying to get a grip of the situation
Going far too deep in the conversation
Like I want you
Like I need you
There’s a feeling
When I see you
That makes me wanna hide away
Every second when you’re near me
Every moment when you hear me
I think of every word I say
You look at me
I look at you
Ain’t nothing gonna happen
But still I’m here
All into you
I’m waiting for a reaction
Like I love you
Like I love you
Yeah! Like, Like, Like…
Trying to walk the line without falling under
I’m holding on so hard cause I’ve felt the thunder
Oh oh oh yeah!

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