The red string of fate

e2d646b76accc8bda49e448899233ee84cd88d37_hqThey say that there is an invisible red string bound to you and your soulmate. For some, they have met their soulmates and for others, they remain unattached.

There was this one manga where this person can see the invisible red string of people and that they can see to whom they are meant to be.

Sometimes, I wish I have this kind of power.

It is quite unnerving to live not knowing to whom you are bound to be with.

The Photographer and I are now following each other on Instagram. I met the Best Man again.

It would seem that they are both well. The other continues to give me pleasure with his captured moments and the other has found closure on a turbulent chapter in his life.

Needless to say, my existence have no effect whatsoever. For this, I am glad.

I’m sure that one day, I’ll learn where my red string of fate will lead me to and in this post, I write that it could be not to any of them or it could be to one of them.

I write this with a happy heart and a hopeful soul. God truly works in mysterious ways.

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