That peace, be in your soul

The homily for mass earlier was about peace. As defined, it is the absence of turmoil/war/violence, etc. Fr. Harold (one of the parish priests) gave interpretations of peace based on the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.

Peace is having a heart full of Jesus. A fullness in your life that only Jesus can fill. Where you are never left wanting for more.

This, he says, was why we greet each other “Peace be with you”.

I liked his thoughts on this. This also led me to think that without peace, there would be chaos in our hearts.

For having a heart in such disarray and discontent, this would then lead to actions of the same.

But what if, you can’t feel anything at all? Thomas, the apostle, needed to see to believe that Jesus has risen. For most of us, we believe in Jesus, period.

With our faith comes the wonder of life, the appreciation of God’s creations, the community, relationships and miraculous moments that we recognize to be God’s love.

What if you can’t feel any of those? Or you can’t really recognize emotions that would make you feel any of God’s love for you?

Is knowing (learning via books, videos, testimonials, etc.) of God’s manifestations enough to fill the void in your heart or soul, for that matter?

During puberty, I felt very disconnected from the world. No matter how many books I read, how many people I meet, I felt all relationships were superficial and shallow.

Over time, it disappeared and I think that I’m more emotionally mature than before. However, there are some people who can’t really feel. Or maybe, they have not yet learned how to feel. They suffer from alexithymiaquotation-h-p-lovecraft-the-oldest-and-strongest-emotion-of-mankind-is-fear-and-34-69-81, a soul without words, a personality trait that can’t identify emotions or put them in words.

I guess, I was simply disturbed by this. I noticed that a lot of people are becoming distrustful of others. There are more pessimists and cynics nowadays. Some have become passive and uncaring. Apathy is truly the opposite of love.

Thus, I am now filled with fervor to ensure that my daughter will grow to be a person who will care about others and who will care about the world.

I hope that in this small way, I can educate hr emotionally to be wise and loving. Hopefully, she will learn how to keep peace in her heart.

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