For the love of Song Seung Heon

saimdang-lights-diaryThis is not a post about Song Seung Heon.

Ok, I lied.

I am currently watching the K-drama, Saimdang, becuase of him.

It has been a while since I have set aside an hour or so in a day, to watch K-drama. For the past few years, I have been more engrossed with manga and anime. The last K-drama I watched was My Love from Another Star. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Now, that my love from another region in Asia is back, I can only look forward to the times I can use the laptop and watch an episode or two on it. Somehow, they removed the English subtitles on the episodes on Youtube and thus, I had to do some searches online to finally get a streaming of the episodes.

Overall, I liked the plot. I thought that it would be your typical flashbacks but no, I was captivated by Saimdang of the past and truly awed by the present Saimdang. So far, I liked that the present Saimdang is facing almost the same dire circumstances as the past Saimdang and how both characters are doing their best to overcome their problems.

But beyond that, I love watching Song Seung Heon act. His character is even a bit of a mystery still.

So for art lovers, this K-drama is a find. It has paintings, poetry and valuable lessons on life and even in love.

I’m now on episode 11. Well, I’m about to begin it so until, next time.

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