Be yourself


I don’t really get what my teacher meant by this. I am already who I am every single day.

Just like earlier today, my classmate Bill was being a moron and I was just being my usual diva self. We eventually clashed because he kept giving snide comments after I speak. Can’t I get a break?

Of course, I would get mad. Of course, I would be furious. So to end the unending cycle of who started what, who was to blame and who bullied whom, I dealt with it as I saw fit.

I calmly took out my pen, removed its cap and stabbed him in the eye while he was badnouthing me in front of everybody.

That felt good.

After the chaos that ensued with the bloody screaming and blaming and horror, the teacher took me to a corner and asked me why I needed to hurt Bill. I shrugged my shoulders, flipped my awesome hair and replied, “This is me.”

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