Game Over

freeze pane

“Why is my computer so slow?”

“Did you check the connections?”

“I did. This sucks.”

“Hey, check this out. It’s a website about urban legends, myths and legends.”

“Where did you find that? Hey, I’m online now.”

“I accidentally clicked on the ads at the side of our game…Hey, watch my back! Paul and his team are killing us!”

“So what’s cool about that site?”

“Get me some ammo…It says here that it can predict how you’ll die.”

“Nah, those stuff are fake. It’s a random thing generator and you won’t really die…Why are you running in front of me, get down! Move to the side or I’ll blow your head!”

“There are actual people who say their friends died as the site predicted…Yoo hoo! I leveled up!”

“Sounds interesting. You should try it. I’m curious to know how you would die…Die!!! Damn, Paul’s team have started to get better all of a sudden.”

“Yeah, he has this new kid who’s like a computer genius or something…Hey, let’s lay low for a while. Paul’s team might sniff out our location.”

“Hey, I’m entering my name on this death site, ok? I’ll see how I’ll die. He, he, he… I hope I die rich.”

“What’s the name of the site, again? I want to check it out, too.”

“It’s and it’s cool.”

“Looks lame…Do we need to do this? I think I changed my mind.”

“Well, I’ll try it. I just need to enter my name and date of birth and wait for a few seconds.”

“Ok, let’s do this. I’m now entering my name and birthday as well.”


“What’s wrong?”

“Uhm…I don’t get it. Maybe it’s broken or something.”

“Why?…Wait, mine’s here now…What?!?”

“Eeh, what’s wrong?”

“It says here: Death by MMORPG. I don’t understand this. How can I die from playing?”

“Huh? Mine says the same thing. And it even has a date and time as to when I’ll die.”

“Mine says, March 24, 2017 8:59pm.”

“Eeh? Mine says the same thing!”

“Man, what a joke. I though that this would be fun.”

“A total letdown. Sheesh, let’s just go for now. I’m getting hungry.”

“Same here…let’s grab some…Paul just pinged me! They’re online again.”

“Seriously? Let’s eat later. For now, it’s time to kick their ass!”


On March 24, 2017, two teenagers collapsed and died after playing online computer games for about 40 hours straight. Witnesses say that the boys were quite fired up over their games that they failed to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. The owner of the 24/7 internet café was also charged with negligence for not being able to monitor such behavior from the teens.

Be yourself


I don’t really get what my teacher meant by this. I am already who I am every single day.

Just like earlier today, my classmate Bill was being a moron and I was just being my usual diva self. We eventually clashed because he kept giving snide comments after I speak. Can’t I get a break?

Of course, I would get mad. Of course, I would be furious. So to end the unending cycle of who started what, who was to blame and who bullied whom, I dealt with it as I saw fit.

I calmly took out my pen, removed its cap and stabbed him in the eye while he was badnouthing me in front of everybody.

That felt good.

After the chaos that ensued with the bloody screaming and blaming and horror, the teacher took me to a corner and asked me why I needed to hurt Bill. I shrugged my shoulders, flipped my awesome hair and replied, “This is me.”