The Melancholy of a Rogue

Leap before you look.

That has always been how I take on life. Somehow, I have always thought that taking a risk is something that comes naturally for all but I was wrong. A lot of people think things over a million tines before deciding on taking a risk. I should have been one of them but I’m not.

I was mulling over broken paths. How those roads once led to another place but now, overgrown bushes cover the way or fallen leaves and branches scatter about, giving them a weary look. Those broken paths seemed lonely.

I have encountered many of those. 

The rogue in me would try to clear the path and follow it through, expecting a wonderful surprise at the end. Sadly, I am often left wanting. Broken paths don’t always lead you to a new adventure or paradise. It often just opens up another broken path.

Should I stop this habit of mine? It seems pathetic to be hopeful. I want to be a cynic. I want to be rational about this but I can’t. I still become optimistic for each path I see. I walk and wander and still look forward as to where my feet would lead me. Although, nowadays, I wish there’s someone to make this journey with me.

Still, I yearn to try, I seek to live for the adventure of the unknown. I feel alive when I do. 

Not everyone gets this. Not everyone cares. However, I simply want to write this down and get it out there. 

I am me and you are you. We may meet and walk the same paths or we may walk away from each other. I pray that the few steps we had together would be memories we can hold on to with smiles on our hearts.

Off with her head!

The queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland was one of the most unexpected character i have encountered in a story. Maybe because it belies the image of the queen of hearts from a deck of cards. 

I thought for sure that the queen would be kind, beautiful and beloved by all. Lewis Carroll flipped this image and now we have the egomaniacal, ugly and mean queen.

I think Love can be much like the Queen of Hearts. On such an auspicious day like Valentine’s Day, I expected a sweet king of love that can make me go swoon buy instead, what I received was the weird, confusing and disappointing actions from guys. 

The only silver lining was the date I had with my two girlfriends and it was a blast. We talked of life, friends and guys who broke our hearts.

Valentine’s day left me dazed and irritated. It was a pain in the neck. At the end of the day, I distinctly heard the Queen of Hearts and Love shout, “Off with her head!”