The Wheels of Love

For a certain time, liking someone has eluded me. I have cited this before and it’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t meet new people. 

This month, I have been blessed to meet someone. He seemed nice and down to earth. He prays and he was not at all intimidated by me. This made the most impact because most guys ignore me and think I’m difficult. Which I actually am but it doesn’t show. 

So, R, as I will dub him, was cool. Sadly, not everything was good. He’s in a marriage he can’t get out of, not yet, anyway. He also has to go overseas for work.

Despite all that, I liked him. We don’t have much in common but I felt that he could be the one.

How foolish of me.

R doesn’t think nor feel the same way. I was naive to hope so.

Thus, it seemed as if the wheels of love had once more eluded me. 

However, instead of feeling down, I was just glad. Relieved to learn that I simply need to take it as it is. 

R and I are friends and maybe just by being like that, that’s the best for both of us.

Much like me and the Best Man who got into chatting over his birthday. It was nice and comfy. Do I like him? Yeah, but that’s it. I was happy to learn he was doing well and happy for him with his family. I do wish him the best.

I wish R the best, too.

Life is too short to mull over the small stuff. Maybe one day, the wheels of love would turn for me but if not, it’s all good. I’m thankful to be alive. Thankful to have met R and the Best Man. Thankful to have met K, as well. 

K was an old online pal but somehow, we became friends! So forget the wheels of love for now. I like having my little circle of friendship grow.

This is good. For now.

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