He Who Hears…

As I walked through the empty halls of the school, I felt a cool breeze. I breathed a sigh of relief. The past few days, the temperature reached high enough to make me think that hell was on earth.

The wind picked up and I smiled happily, feeling slightly cold but calm. It’s now almost dark and very few people are in school.

With each step, I became quite concerned that the lights haven’t been switched on yet. I wonder where the night watch man is.

A few more steps led to a corridor where the stairs should be lighted but it was not. A cold breeze blew but instead of the welcoming feeling, I felt a shiver of fear.

Now was not the time to get scared. I continued my now unsteady walk, glancing around to check if there were other people besides me. I now noticed that it was pitch black and the corridor seemed too long. I took out my phone and activated the torch to illuminate my way, when suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around immediately but no one was there behind me. The darkness was suffocating. My meager light seemed like a dwarf in front of a giant.

I don’t know how long I stood there in shock. I wanted to flee but my feet felt as if balls of chain were around it. I suddenly felt this deep sadness overwhelming me. This despair was suffocating me.long_dark_hallway_v2_wip_by_spinagain

I heard a whisper.

“Stay with me.”

I can now feel the air getting colder and heavier. My phone flickered and then died. The only sounds were coming from my heavy breathing.

I simply closed my eyes and whispered back.

“I’ll stay.”

The following day, the school was abuzz with the latest news. A teacher was found lying on the corridor early in the morning. She was dead and found beside her was a diary. It was of a previous student who disappeared years ago. People claimed that she ran away but investigators found out from the diary that she was raped and left for dead. Her rotting body was found buried behind one of the school’s buildings.

In her diary, she wrote that she spent her dying moments asking for anyone to stay with her but no one could hear her pleas.

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