To find a heart

To find a heart to love should be something easy to do. We meet people everywhere but our hearts don’t go thumping hard when it’s near someone who could be your true love. I like how in stories, there are instances as if created by fate, when you get to meet someone special. Even before you realize it, that single moment created specifically for the two of you would become the start of a wonderful thing.

Lots of people say that to find yourself in that miraculous moment, you should be the best you that you could possibly be. Thus, we all try so hard to be better. Yet still, that one person evades us. Don’t they recognize the better version of us who tried so hard?

It feels contradictory.

As we go on our daily lives, could there be moments when we are also blind to people who are just like us? 

I think that who I am now is nowhere near perfect. I do my best raising my daughter and caring for my parents and siblings and work well in my job but I’m hardly the best wife material. So does this mean that I’m nowhere near finding true love?

To find a heart seems an impossibility. Yet I continue to yearn. I go on reading love stories and watch romantic movies hoping to find love. Not the exact and glamorized love but a true and imperfect love that can hurt like hell and feel like heaven.

For the romantic in us, we cling to the idea of a soulmate. For the realist in us, we scoff at the idea of having only one person as a partner for the rest of our lives. For the dreamer in me, I wait for my chance meeting and the heart-thumping moments of recognizing the heart of hearts that will beat only for me alone.