Angelica leaves for swelling

My tooth has recently acted up and now half my face is swollen. Upon seeing my face, one of the science teachers in school, got alarmed. She then asked one of the students to get some Angelica leaves. She told me that it well help the swelling go down. 

Since the pills I took were not working, I decided to give it a try.

After two hours, I noticed that the swelling did go down.

I went online to look for the scientific name of the leaf but got confused. The leaves resembled the ligusticum canadense or the Canadian licorice root. So far, I’m guessing that the scientific name of the Angelica leaves is Angelica archangelica L. So far this is the closest to it as I used the leaf by crushing I then simply putting it over the swollen side of my face.

If you can tell from my photo what leaf it is, I would appreciate it. Leave me a comment! Thanks!

P.s. I made an appointment with my dentist tomorrow for a check up.

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