On Forgiveness

The anticipated mass yesterday was about forgiveness. The Gospel was about how this woman came to Jesus and washed his feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair and anointed his feet with oil. She was so remorseful that Jesus was moved. He forgave her sins and gave her the peace she sought.

This reminded me of one incident with my colleague. He sarcastically mentioned how unlucky I was, in terms of my career. I simply smiled.

Having the fortitude to smile through hardships is a result of my faith. Failure is nothing new in my life. I’m not perfect and this showed in my bad choices. However, going to confession and asking God for forgiveness made me stronger. I may not always feel secure in life but I also know that God will not abandon me.

This may just be why we confess. Telling God our own insecurities, our sins and weaknesses, forgiving ourselves because of them is an essential experience to peace.

I noticed that most people at work do not have that mindset. They are often discontent with almost everything. I realized that seeing God’s plan for each one of us is not easy but believing that there is a plan should reassure us of His great love.


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