I need something like this…

I’m so sick. I recently caught colds and the timing could not be worse. I will be performing 2 dances today at my alumni homecoming event.

For the last 2 weeks, the rigorous training for the two dances took its toll on my health. Now, I will be dancing with a runny nose and a dry cough. Ugh. Don’t forget to add that I’m worried I pulled a hamstring last night during rehearsals!

After dancing the first dance for a few times, I felt a twinge on my left knee. After the final practice for the second dance, it became more prominenet. By the the time I got home, it has spread down to my calves. When I woke up this morning, it now includes my thigh.

Maybe this is just muscle sprain. I don’t know. I just placed some mentholated ointment over it and still it won’t go away. 😦 What will I do now? The dance is this evening!!!

Although I drank medicine, my colds gave no sign of letting up. I will look ugly. I just know it. My costume is also not yet done. I have to sew on some parts of it this morning but I have work!!!


Ok, enough of this. I have to think positive.

Everything will be alright. Everything will go as God wills it. I will be fine.

To myself and to everyone out there, break a leg!!!


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