The Year of the Monkey


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2016 is known as the year of the Monkey. To a person born in the year of the Horse, I wonder what’s in store for me.

So I went online and found this on

In the Year of the Fire Monkey, February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017, Horse natives will be especially forceful and inventive. The March 8 Eclipse is your power day for new beginnings or a commitment to build a better future.

Almost immediately after this, Horse will be challenged to be patient and mature when facing delays or disappointments over which you have little control. Fire Monkey helps control your temper and impatience.

If you persevere and refuse to quit, things will open up in a big way by September 1. Expect the last quarter of the year to be especially exciting and rewarding.

This is quite appropriate! I have been feeling impatient lately. This was due to the fact that my salary has been delayed and I seem to have not progressed in my career at all!

Even the thought of waiting and persevering until September 1st seem to be daunting.

Dating? This can be a lucky year for Horse… if you are cautious. Fire can make you impulsive. Single Horses may choose lust over good sense. Think carefully before moving forward with someone you don’t know well.

Good prospects for love can be found in sociable, physical activities like sports, games, and dancing.

Horses in established relationships can revitalize that old spark through vigorous activity of any sort, in and out of the bedroom!

The days before the Full Moon of July, August, or September are luckiest for a romantic holiday or to take a relationship to the next level.

In terms of love, well, it’s quite vague. I actually have new friends because of this app I downloaded called ePenpal. It totally took a lot of guts to become friends with people I don’t know from places far away from me, however, I did find a few gems whom I consider friends now. Even if we won’t meet ever, I’m glad to be friends with them.

So far, I have been immeresed in my dancing recently but since I dance with my high school batchmates (I went to an all-girls Catholic school), that prediction is a bust.

There’s tremendous potential for fun in the year ahead. Meet up regularly with good friends. You’ll shine planning events to bring people together.

The New Moons on February 8, June 4, and September 30 are particularly lucky for social networking of any sort.

Highly politicized environments, including social media, are magnified in Monkey years. Fire energy can make you especially self-centered and sure of yourself. Be willing to let others have their say.

It’s a lucky year for travel and expanding your horizons. You’ll find great satisfaction and friendship in shared activities such as hiking, yoga, or visiting the gym.

Aah, I need to do this. I have been remiss in my friendships. My bestfriend, Jen, recently gave birth so I’m kind of letting her enjoy all the perks of motherhood. My other bestfriend Gracielle is busy with her club activities while Mia, is also busy with her family life.

Sigh, I want to see them but since I’m temporarily in a rut with my finances, I hardly have time to go out and simply hang out. I do miss them terribly, though.

Expect to be well-liked on the job. Your ability to contribute to any working team earns Horse well-deserved recognition.

Monkey years encourage both personal and corporate breakthroughs. As an independent contractor, boss, or employee, Horse’s natural interest in career success is intensified by Monkey curiosity and drive.

Fire confidence helps you develop bold, innovative ideas. This could mean a major promotion or new set of responsibilities.

If you start the year in a position you know is not right for you, start planning an escape strategy early, as it might take some time. September and October are both strong months to make a change.

Now this hits the nail on the head. I do want to be recognized for all my efforts. I also feel that my current workplace is not right for me. Seriously, what’s with all the red tape? I have been working for two years and still my salary is not given regularly. What’s up with that?

This has propelled me to look for greener pastures and now I’m seriously thinking of moving back to Manila and work there. Better yet, go abroad and earn more for my family.

This can be a tricky year money-wise. Something in the air encourages speculation and risk-taking.

It can be a powerful year to pay down any debt, polish your credit, and save for the future. It’s also possible Fire will see Horse act rashly without doing your homework.

Near the November 29 New Moon you may be tempted to go a little crazy with spending. A wise Horse will promise to regularly save at least a little.

In a year of Monkey tricks, pay close attention to passwords, personal credit information, and personal security. Unscrupulous people are feeling their oats, too.

I have been a victim of online hacking before. The mere thought of this being up in the air for 2016 is enough to send shivers down my spine. That hacker wrecked havoc in my life. It ruined my relationships and gave me endless days of fear and worry.

However, this won’t stop me from forging on ahead. I just have to be cautious and on guard at all times.

So there you have it. My 2016 in a nutshell. It will be a year for a big change.

I’m excited and ready to start a whole new adventure.



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