The Best I Ever Had

Recently, I have been busy but something happened that I absolutely had to blog about.

I learned that the Best Man was no longer here in CDO. He’s now in Dubai with his sister. I was stunned yet I felt glad. This could mean that he has finally grown up.

That night, I dreamt of the Best Man (yet again). It seemed that we were working together in a place. However, each time I try to talk to him, he had to leave already. In my dream, I only saw him once facing me and then all the while, i kept seeing his back.

I think I was chasing him but I could never reach him.

Inadvertly, I felt that this was the reality of it all. I wasn’t able to let go of him fully until now.

I am pathetic. I was hoping that he would notice me. After all this time, he can still make my heart race. Yet, I also know that it’s over. I can give up now.

So here’s a song that reminds me of bittersweet memories and a lost love…


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