Attack on Titan – First Cut

Well, after seeing the movie trailer, I had to go and watch the anime series. Attack on Titan or Shingeko no Kyojin tells a story of a young man who saw his mother devoured before him. Eren Yaeger vowed to kill all titans. However, he also has the ability to become a titan.

It’s a great anime. Made me want to become part of the Scouts, if only just to wear those “Wings of Freedom”. I also liked the romantic angle with Eren and Mikasa. However, this anime is really all heart, bravery and friendship.

The season 1 has ended and all AOT fans are waiting for season 2 to begin. There are OVAs that you should also watch because it gives you a back story of the other characters which is really nice.

One of the best animes I have watched in a long time, I highly recommend it.

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