Attack on Titan – First Cut

Well, after seeing the movie trailer, I had to go and watch the anime series. Attack on Titan or Shingeko no Kyojin tells a story of a young man who saw his mother devoured before him. Eren Yaeger vowed to kill all titans. However, he also has the ability to become a titan.

It’s a great anime. Made me want to become part of the Scouts, if only just to wear those “Wings of Freedom”. I also liked the romantic angle with Eren and Mikasa. However, this anime is really all heart, bravery and friendship.

The season 1 has ended and all AOT fans are waiting for season 2 to begin. There are OVAs that you should also watch because it gives you a back story of the other characters which is really nice.

One of the best animes I have watched in a long time, I highly recommend it.

11 Things every Kagayanon should know about their past

I may not be born in this quaint city called the “City of Golden Friendship”, and although my family is related to one of its heroes, I’m proud to be raised as a Kagay-anon. Mabuhay ang Cagayan de Oro! Advance Happy Fiesta to all!

Millennial Lawyer

While waiting for class, I managed to get a hold of an old book in the Library. It was fascinating experience, a time machine of sorts. It was about the history of our city and here are some highlights:

  1. We are “Neolithic-old”

huluga_stone_tools_300Scientists from the National Museum uncovered remnants of an ancient settlement 8 kilometers upstream (near Huluga) during an excavation in 1970. A dating process revealed that those artifacts came from the late Neolithic period. This is 1,600 years old.

  1. Cagayan de Oro is a second settlement


Himologan was the pre-colonial settlement located 8 km from our present city center headed then by a chief named Salangsang.

During the Christianization of Northern Mindanao, Recollect missionaries were able to influence the original inhabitants to convert with the help of Salangsang’s newly converted grandmother named Dona Magdalena Bacuya. They were then slowly transferred to the lower lands, which is now the present Gaston…

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