For the Love of Art

For the most part of my life, I have written countless notes, diaries, blogs and poems to keep me sane. I started making my own poems when I was 7 or 9 years old. My love for prose and poetry was fueled by my father. Later on, I learned how drawing and painting were also his passions. Thus I learned to love colors, mixing them up and creating my own paintings.

The past few weeks, I have slowly showed my daughter and other kids how truly wonderful it is to paint. I am hoping that showing them works of artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Dine and Miro would inspire them to be more creative.

These are the fruits of our imagination and love for art.

We used oil pastels and watercolors to create most of the pieces.

Sometimes, we get inspired by our own yearning for the beach!

It’s not really well-made but we did try our hand at optical illusions, using a bit of cubism. I had to outline their shapes with a black marker pen to make the image pop out.

It was also fun to see their reaction when we did color mixing to create our color wheels.

Pointillism was also something we tried. We used the ends of our brushes to make the dots.

Using oil pastels alone is actually quite difficult. However, I think we pulled it off.

Symmetrical shapes can help you create awesome shapes and figures, too! We simply placed the pain on one side of the paper and folded it in the middle to transfer it to the other side. This was fun!

Spattering was done to create a snowstorm. This was quite messy but just as fun with the other techniques on watercolor painting.

I actually have a busy week ahead. I plan to have them create letter decors for their moms for Mother’s Day. I also want to show them how masking tape can be used for painting. Plus, i have a lot of glitter I’m dying to use!

All of this, for the love of art and teaching!



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