The month that was March

It started put as busy as any month could be. There were tons of things to do like preparing for the graduation rites and a school evaluation. There was also that follow up for my appointment for a permanent position in the public school system.

You could say that I basically have several tasks a female Hercules must finish to satisfy the gods.

For the first two weeks, I was focused on school. I did my best yet somehow it doesn’t seem enough.

I was also quite worried about my personal relationships with two of my colleagues. I forgot an appointment I made with one and I knew I hurt her so I did what u could to apologize with a simple gift. God was on my side and we patched things up.

The other one was a blunder. My colleague’s father died and I failed to visit the wake. My time was super botched up with everything else that I became insensitive to her obvious distress. I was simply not there for her.

My bff was also not feeling well with a relationship gone sour. I was also not there for her.

I have been failing my friend duties. Sigh.

Then I performed in a fundraising concert for my dad. It was terrible. I have decided that singing in public is really not for me.

Then came the worst part of the month. My daughter got sick. Really sick.

Although she is better now, it was the worst week of my life. I looked like hell and I sure felt like it. I was not sleeping well and was only thinking of how to make her get better.

With a lot of prayers and help from my awesome family, Heaven got well.

Sometimes I do wish some people would stop thinking that I have it easy. That I am perfect or that I am rich. I get by with what I have. I learned not to want things I don’t need. I am only a girl doing her very best in whatever situation she gets into.

I guess this has been bothering me for quite sometime. Simply because I hate being placed on a pedestal. I am a simple girl who thrives to be a better person each day. I want a better life for me and my family but through ways that I can serve others and glorify God.

As today is Good Friday, I say goodbye to the old me. I offer myself up to God whom I know will raise me up and breathe new life into me.

Advance happy easter, everyone!!! May God bless you!!!

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