Managing My Blog

I have been blogging since 2003. I think. My first blogs (I was overexcited then) were on Multiply, Friendster and All three platforms are no longer.

I started blogging without any thought of monetization, niches and other blogging schemes to earn money. I blog because I love to write. I love to read other blogs and I loved the idea of having an online diary.

I rarely write to please other people. However, when blogger meet-ups started to happen and I started to have avid followers and readers, I started to write for them too. I have decided that this was not for me. It sort of limited the creativity or freedom that I used to have in my own blog.

My blog was not fixed on only one topic. Since it’s a personal blog, my topics vary. I write poetry and stories. I upload paintings and drawing I made. I write my own reviews on movies, books and more.

I used to blog everyday.

Today, I have decided to get back on that.

Not to write for others but to write because I just love writing.

Thus, I have decided to put a schedule on my posts.

  • Mondays – Poetry
  • Tuesdays – Family
  • Wednesdays – Heaven
  • Thursdays – Short Stories
  • Fridays – Art
  • Saturdays – Life
  • Sundays – Prayers

Putting this out there because I want to do this. See you, tomorrow!

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